• Twentieth Summer Session
    ‘Towards an Effective International Criminal Justice System in the Era of the Permanent International Criminal Court – Coordinating and Strengthening Enforcement on National, Regional, and International Levels’, 5-15 August 2018
  • Nineteenth Summer Session
    ‘Between Codification and Progressive Development: International Criminal Law after Rome and Kampala’, 30 July-9 August 2017
  • Eighteenth Summer Session
    ‘Achieving International Criminal Justice by Safeguarding the Principle of Equality for Unequal Perpetrators of Crimes Under International Law’, 31 July-10 August 2016
  • Seventeenth Summer Session
    ‘Strategies to Narrow the Impunity Gap: Improving the Effectiveness of International Criminal Law and Exploring Alternative Forms of Accountability’, 2-12 August 2015
  • Sixteenth Summer Session
    ‘Enforcement of International Criminal Law at the First World War Centenary - From Consolidation Towards Confrontation?’, 3-15 August 2014
  • Fifteenth Summer Session
    ‘Africa's Recent Efforts to Enforce the Complementarity Regime Along the Consensus of Kampala - International Criminal Justice in Situation Countries and the Global Challenge to Contribute to the Prevention of Abuse of Power: Investigations Without Tensions?’, 4-16 August 2013
  • Fourteenth Summer Session
    ‘Enforcing International Criminal Law through the Complementarity Regime of the Rome Statute! Demand and Reality’, 5-17 August 2012
  • Thirteenth Summer Session
    ‘The ICC after Kampala and Beyond – The Complementarity Regime Facing Challenges by a Globalizing World’, 7-19 August 2011
  • Symposium in Honour of Otto Triffterer’s 80th Birthday
    'International Criminal Justice’ (in cooperation with the Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology of the Paris-Lodron-University Salzburg), 18 March 2011
  • Twelfth Summer Session
    ‘Handling the results of the first Review Conference – Success and failures equally obliging to continue consolidating and amending international criminal law and its enforcement mechanisms’, 8-20 August 2010
  • Eleventh Summer Session
    ‘Facing the First Review Conference Right Ahead – Kampala and Beyond’, Salzburg, Austria, 9-21 August 2009
  • First SLS Alumni Meeting
    Symposium ‘The Future of International Criminal Justice’, 8 August 2008
  • Tenth Summer Session
    ‘Reviewing the Review in Advance - Preparing Special Amendments to the Statute, the Elements and the Rules’, 3-15 August 2008
  • Ninth Summer Session
    ‘The Court and Applicable Law under Review (Part 1)’, 5-17 August 2007
  • Eighth Summer Session
    ‘Cases Pending Before the ICC and Appeals Concerning Jurisdiction and Admissibility’, 6-18 August 2006
  • Salzburg Retreat
    ‘The Future of the International Criminal Court’ (in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs), 25-27 May 2006
  • Seventh Summer Session
    ‘First Decisions of the Security Council and the Organs of the Court – Shaping and Paving the Roads towards Peace, Security and the Well-being of the World?’, 7-19 August 2005
  • Sixth Summer Session
    ‘Reviewing the First Two Years of the International Criminal Court With Regard to the Future’, 8-20 August 2004
  • Fifth Summer Session,
    ‘International Criminal Law in Action and First Cases Presented to the Court’, 10-22 August 2003
  • Fourth Summer Session
    ‘New Dimensions of Terrorism Challenging International Criminal Law?’, 4-16 August 2002
  • Third Summer Session
    5-17 August 2001
  • Second Summer Session
    13-25 August 2000
  • First Summer Session
    15-27 August 1999